Meet the Farmers

Crocus Bluff Farms is an organic farm in the Similkameen Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Specializing in Homestead Education, Sustainable Agriculture, Saffron Crocus Production and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.

Established in the Spring of 2018, Crocus Bluff Farms has several experts working hard on developing a sustainable homestead and farming business. The following explains the story of how Crocus Bluff Farms came to be and who is charge of operations.

Grammy Needs No Introduction

One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Four miles (1854), more or less – that’s the distance Grammy traveled from Kansas to British Columbia to kick off her retirement. For some, retirement may include travel or at the very least living a slower, simpler life. When Grammy told her friends that she planned on moving to Canada in February to start a new farm, only a few dared to call her crazy (mostly the crotchety old-timers). Grammy was determined to make it to beautiful Princeton, BC in the Similkameen Valley before the first Spring crocus pierced the ground.

Sustainable Farming Within Reach

Known as The Kansas Goat Lady of the Midwest, Grammy could picture the beautiful farm she would build. She had cultivated and trialed farming before. First in the Yukon Territory nearly two decades ago, next in Baldwin City Kansas, and now in Princeton, BC. 

She was ready.

When Experience Matters

Grammy’s seventeen-year farming reputation in Kansas could be summed up as “dental hygienist by day and savvy goat farmer by night.”

When Grammy gave notice that she moving from the small quaint university town of Baldwin City, Kansas, to Princeton – a sawmill/mining town in British Columbia, Canada, she suddenly became very popular.

A gaggle of her favourite Kansasians were determined to follow her journey and visit her new digs in the far north. Within the first 14 weeks of arriving in BC, she was already touring her friends around her new province and home.

Animals, Animals, Animals

Thank goodness for a few good friends who helped put up the first goat fence and some eager granddaughters who helped nail the chicken coop together.  It was only a matter of weeks before day-old heritage chicks joined the farm. After that, nearly an animal a week was added.

Heritage Chickens, Dairy Goats, Miniature Horses, Guinea Pigs. All of these animals have a loving home at Crocus Bluff. 

Crocus Bluff Farms was born before Grammy had a chance to unpack her first box. You see, her daughter had secretly been anticipating Grammy’s return to Canada for several years. The thought of starting a farm and living out of the city is often only a dream for young lower mainland professionals. With the high cost of living in British Columbia and the lack of jobs in smaller communities, it is hard for professionals to realize a sustainable (or even livable) income in small towns. With Grammy’s experience, the farm dream was within reach.

The farm grew quickly and with a full greenhouse, crocus corms on order and a menagerie of animals…I would say we are farming. The Grammy, 2 kids/grand-kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a family of guinea pigs, a couple of mini horses, and a flock of mini goats gives Crocus Bluff Farms life.

In case you were wondering…

  1. Yes, we basically fall into bed nightly like any good farmer should.
  2. It is a ton of hard, dirty work (like covered in poo dirty).
  3. And even if there are no days off, life is so rewarding.
Choosing A Name For The Farm Came Relatively Easy

Crocus Bluff in Dawson City, Yukon is a cherished place and memory from long ago. In the early 1990s, Grammy and her family called Dawson City home. Visitors to Crocus Bluff in Dawson are rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view of the city and the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon River. In the early Spring, Crocus flowers poke through the snow and are often the first sign that the long, cold winter is nearly over.

Horse Cutout on Crocus Bluff Farms Barn
A view of the flowers and farms located on Crocus Bluff Farms
Crocus Bluff in Princeton

Crocus Bluff Farms in Princeton also rewards visitors with a view of the valley and neighboring mountains. Soon we will also delight our visitors with farm fresh milk, cheese, and Autumn and Spring crocuses.

Farming Support

Mrs K (the voice behind the words) works as assistant to the Chief Farmer, and also dabbles in marketing, grant writing, book keeping and has a passion for homesteading and natural living. She is married to Mr K who leads the innovative agricultural technology department at Crocus Bluff Farms. Mrs K and Mr K have two daughters who also participate in Crocus Bluff Farm operations.