Chicken Eggs

Pastured Chickens in BC

Making Healthy Eggs

We are raising heritage breed chickens who are fed non-medicated chicken feed and have access to bugs, sunlight, and soil. Our happy hens have been hand raised, cuddled and have become accustomed to daily treats from the garden or apple tree.

Our family eats more than three dozen eggs a week. As a result, the nutritional content of each egg is important to us.

We never treat our birds with any medication or chemical dewormers.

Selecting the Breeds

We chose hardy breeds that are calm, quiet and affectionate. 

Selected breeds include: Olive Eggers (lay various shades of olive coloured eggs), Black, Blue and Light Blue Orpingtons (lay brown eggs), Blue Ameraucana (blue eggs) and Barred Rocks (pink and light brown eggs).

We selected dual-purpose breeds that will supply us with eggs all winter long. 

Our chickens come from a farm where their parents were 100% pasture-raised and fed fermented chicken feed. 

Heritage Chickens Looking At The Camera

Crocus Bluff Farms girl holds a chick

Feeding a Soy Free Diet

Our chickens had the very best start on life. A considerable time and effort was spent selecting a breeder of heritage birds. We looked for someone who cared as much about diet as we do. Our breeder prepares and mixes feed by hand.

By fermenting various grains, peas, flax, and sunflower seeds, our chicks were provided probiotics and natural immune boosters from day 1.

We focus on creating nutrient-dense eggs that have the highest content of vitamins A, E, more long-chain Omega-3 fats, more total Omega-3 fatty acids, lower cholesterol and finally less than half the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega 3 than regular factory eggs.

Eggs & Chicks For Sale

Our chickens were carefully selected and nurtured to have the very best nutritionally dense eggs.

We offer baby (day old) chicks for sale to friends, family, and neighbours.

Colorful farm fresh eggs in bowl on wood plank floor