Mini Horses

Crocus Bluff Farms has three resident miniature horses. 

We are very excited to present Barracuda, Angel, and Chinook. Like our other animals at Crocus Bluff Farms, each miniature horse has a job.

Crocus Bluff Farms Miniature Horse Named Barracuda

Our Miniature Overo Stallion stud muffin is named Magic Mans Barracuda or just “cuda” for short. Cuda was imported from a breeder in the United States by his previous owner.

Did you know?

Overo means that he has several genetically unrelated pinto coloration patterns of white-over-dark body markings on his coat. This makes him beautiful!

Barracuda is the son of LTD’s Magic Man and is from an internationally known pedigree.

  • His dad (sire) is an Internationally recognized Overo Stallion who is a National/World Pinto Horse Association (PtHA) World Champion. 
  • His mom (dam) is a national champion producer!
  • His five brothers are all National Top Ten winners.
  • His 1/2 brother (Magic Mans Grand Slam) is 2004 AMHR Miniature Performance Horse of the Year and 21 Times National or Reserve National Champion in Halter/Performance/Color. His brother has his very own Breyer model horse!

Despite his fancy family history, we selected Barracuda for his sweet disposition and his love of humans. Barracuda started his show career in Canada (he knows some pretty cool tricks!) and is now a working member of Crocus Bluff Farms. He is currently training to pull a cart.


Height – 29″ (considered Class A by the American Miniature Horse Association)
Born – 2012 (Current Age: 8)
Eyes – Brown/Blue

Family Tree

Sire – LTD’s Magic Man
Brothers – Magic Mans Thriller, Magic Mans Challenger, Magic Mans Avenger, Magic Mans Mercedes and Magic Mans Jaguar
1/2 Brother – Magic Mans Grand Slam

Dam – HF Sandy Buckaroo

We have two female miniature horses:

  • Angel is a seven year old miniature horse who is 34″ tall.
  • Chinook is a nine year old miniature horse who is 36″ tall.

Angel and Chinook are both registered miniature horses that came to our farm from Alberta. Both girls have been trained to pull a cart as a team. These girls are bonded and prefer to do everything together.

Over the winter, we hope to train Angel and Chinook to pull a sled.

Why Miniature Horses?

Miniature horses have some of the best personalities and are usually gentle, affectionate, and eager to please. Originally bred as pets for children of royalty in the 1600s, they have developed a reputation of excellent performers and enjoy attention. Throughout history, miniature horses appeared in circuses, stage shows or most recently as therapeutic or service horses.

The American Miniature Horse Association registers miniature horses who maintain the correct conformity (look like a proper horse in small size). Miniature horses are not to be confused with dwarf horses who do not maintain proper conformity (look less like a horse). Miniature horses are much less intimidating to young children and cost 1/4 or less of the cost of a full-sized horse to keep. There is also so much less poop!

We selected our mini horses for their personalities and because they are trained to pull carts and wagons. Chinook and Angel have worked as therapeutic animals visiting senior care homes.

Crocus Bluff Farms is home to dwarf goats and miniature horses.

Full Size Horses

Our love of horses has expanded with the help of our wonderful trainer and friend. Mator and Bandit also call Crocus Bluff home.